I just had a story published in the Kentucky literary magazine, Trajectory. This is great, since the story is set in Lexington, my hometown. The “story” serves as a chapter in The Theoretics of Love, which is forthcoming from NewSouth Publications!

Let There Be Lite, OR, How I Came To Know and Love Gödel’s Incompleteness Proof, a graphic novel without graphics, will be published October 14, 2104.

A car that runs off KFC scraps and spent tobacco–and THINKS; the Church of the Sonic Beads that guarantees your wildest material fantasy; a Texas country singer promoting marijuana who’s also in need of a tax write-off; two oldagenarian social workers promoting Green Gong (their pacifying variation of Mountain Dew); a Chinese woman and her civil engineering uncle who plan an elevated Route 66 to celebrate gasoline; terrorists galore; Jane Austen galore with four complete sets of lovers — and a mutt  named Chien Fou.


The Theoretics of Love, a novel of love, unrequited and conditional; a novel of murders, solved and unsolved. This is forthcoming from NewSouth Publications.