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After “The Good War,” years of peace pervaded the United States. Except for the G. I. Bill that changed higher education. Set at the architecture school at the University of Alabama, this novel examines changes and horrors facing men and women returning from World War II.

The High Price of Freeways

Judy Juanita, The High Price of Freeways. Tartt Award, co-winner. Stories. 978-1-60489-318-2, trade paper, $18.95; 978-1-60489-319-9, $29.95; 978-1-60489-320-5.  210 pages. Tartt Award Co-winner. With aplomb and humor and steady eye, this collection looks at the Black experience in Oakland, from the founding of the Black Panthers to present day. “Sharp, smart, warm, surprising” –Joy Williams

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